Pickwick Fruit Tea

Innovatively Tasty

Pickwick Teas are subtle and enjoyable, natural and balanced – but in deliciously new surprising ways… An experience for all senses.

Innovatively tasty: experience not just products.

Rich and diverse range

Pickwick Teas cover a broad scope of tea moments and do not leave out specific segments or benefits. We have one of the broadest ranges in all our market leader countries.

Rich and diverse range: convenience, simplicity, honesty.

Natural & Healthy

Pickwick has a common sense approach and a balanced view on life and on how to look after ourselves. Our wellbeing range is growing…

We were the first in green and Rooibos tea variation boxes. We know what’s good for you and it is tasty!

Natural & healthy: shift towards healthy living.


Products Spec. Package Price
Pickwick Strawberry Fruit Tea 1.5g x 20 12 Pack/Box 180/Pack
Pickwick Mango Fruit Tea 1.5g x 20 12 Pack/Box 180/Pack
Pickwick Orange Fruit Tea 1.5g x 20 12 Pack/Box 180/Pack
Pickwick Forest Fruit Tea 1.5g x 20 12 Pack/Box 180/Pack
Pickwick Blackcurrant Fruit Tea 1.5g x 20 12 Pack/Box 180/Pack

PICKWICK Regular Tea:

Products Spec. Package Price
Pickwick Earl Grey Tea 2.0g x 20
12 Pack/Box 180/Pack
Pickwick Ceylon Tea 2.0g x 20
12 Pack/Box 200/Pack


Products Spec. Package Price
Pickwick Green Tea (Original Lemon) 2.0g x 20
12 Pack/Box

PICKWICK Fruit Tea - Caffeine-free:

Products Spec. Package Price
Pickwick Spices Winter Glow (Spices & Orange)
2.0g x 20
12 Pack/Box 250/Pack
Pickwick Fruit Fusion (Cherry & Yoghurt) 2.0g x 20
12 Pack/Box 250/Pack

FINLAYS Tea Extracts

Finlays has been growing and selling leaf tea around the world for the past 100 years. Around 35 years ago, many beverage companies started asking us for tea extracts, so we started experimenting in a small corner of our tea estates in Kenya. After a lot of technical work, we found a way of preserving the delicate flavours of leaf tea in an extract and started selling them. Today we are the world's largest supplier of quality tea extracts, dealing with all of the world's top beverage companies.

These estates are a focal point of our business and we endeavour to ensure that they reflect our overall corporate philosophy:

  • To use all land in the most productive and responsible manner.
  • To maintain and improve the fertility of the soil.
  • Through the intelligent use of research services, and those of the local research institutes, to keep at the very top of technological improvement in the fields.
  • To maintain the highest standards of housekeeping in our factories.
  • To make teas which will achieve the best prices on the international markets.
  • To involve employees at all levels in decision-making so that they develop a real interest in the Company’s objectives and prosperity.
  • To maintain a good and productive relationship with our local communities.

In addition to our primary tea product, Finlays has set new standards in growing fuel wood in Kenya and Sri Lanka and growing and processing timber in Sri Lanka.

Our Tea Plant Location - Kenya

At Kericho, which is 2,000m above sea level, we produce 23 million kgs of made tea every year. We benefit from the deep rich loam soils which are high in organic content. Combined with the ideal climate, we have the perfect environment for high yields of good quality tea.

There are approximately 1,500 different varieties of tea in the world, all offering interesting and varied style’s, taste and colour. The character of tea, like wine, is influenced by the elevation of the garden, the soil, wind conditions and temperature and, of course, the quality of the plucking.

The teas are very bright, colourful, with a reddish coppery tint and a pleasant brisk flavour. Kenya teas are also blended into many famous British brands.

We are self-sufficient in sustainable timber and power (85% hydro-electric) and we employ nearly 12,000 people who live on our estates where we provide them, and their families, with housing, schooling and medical services. This amounts to more than 12,000 houses, 13 dispensaries, 14 primary schools, 49 nursery schools, 1 secondary school and 3,000 kitchen gardens.

Finlays Tea Extract:

Products Spec. Package Price
Finlays Instant Tea Extract (Origin: Kenya) 25kg Box (Call)

Tresmontes, envisioning the future

Tresmontes is a Chilean company with over a century of experience in producing, distributing and marketing food stuff. Our products have successfully entered the markets in more than 30 countries, gaining a position as undisputed leader in several markets besides the Chilean one.

Our professional foresight and the careful work of our technicians and workers have allowed Tresmontes to be a company capable of anticipating future market trends.That is why we have built a modern instant tea plant, unique in South America, and one of the world most important ones.The fact allows us to offer top quality products, apt to ccompete advantageously in ant market whatsoever.

Tresmontes Instant Tea Powder:

(Origin: Chile)
Products Spec. Package Price
Tresmontes Instant Tea Powder (Hot Water Soluble)
15kg Box (Call)
Tresmontes Instant Tea Powder (Cold Water Soluble)
15kg Box (Call)

Everfresh Matcha Tea Powder

Matcha is a fine-ground, powdered, high-quality green tea and not the same as tea powder or green tea powder.

What does matcha taste like?

Complex. Alluring. Bitter. Misunderstood. Addicting. That’s how Sophia F., a matcha enthusiast from Florida, describes the taste of matcha.

Chlorophyll and amino acids give matcha its unique rich taste, an initial vegetal, astringent taste, followed by a lingering sweetness. Matcha made in the traditional Japanese style, whisked with water, is a full-bodied green tea. The intensity of the experience compares to one’s first taste of dark chocolate or red wine. When added as an ingredient, the taste of matcha becomes subtler. It adds the flavor and color of green tea to your creation, be it a smoothie, latte, savory sauce or pastry.

Amino Acids in Matcha

Matcha contains L-theanine, an amino acid known to relax the mind. For this reason, matcha is also known as a mood enhancer. Buddhist monks drank matcha to assist in meditation, as matcha’s amino acids, combined with caffeine, offer a sustained calm alertness over time. Amino acids are also what gives matcha is distinctive taste. They contribute to what is known as the fifth taste, or umami, characterized by a rich creamy mouth feel.

  • Original Country: Taiwan
  • 100% Natural
  • Application: Food industry especially for ice cream, bakery and confectionary.
  • Agricultural chemicals residue Free

Everfresh Matcha Tea Powder:

Products Spec. Package Price
Everfresh Matcha Tea Powder 500g 20 pack/box (Call)