Why you should choose goat milk?

Benefits of goat milk

  • Goat milk is readily digestible. The small fat globules and the small protein agglomerates facilitate the action of the digestive enzymes on the milk.
  • Goat milk is rich in calcium and a number of vitamins (A, D, B1, B2, B12).
  • Goat milk is a good source of protein and provides the need for a large number of amino acids. Goat milkprotein is comprised of about 80% caseins and 20% whey proteins.
  • Goat milk protein is comprised of about 80% caseins and 20% whey protein milk protein is comprised of about 80% caseins and 20% whey proteins.

Goat milk vs cow milk

  • The fatty-acid composition of goat milk exhibits substantial differences from that of cow milk. This difference in the fatty-acid composition
    causes a difference in the melting behavior of goat milk fat. The fat is softer than cow milk fat, with a lower melting range: 23-25°C (in comparison with 30-33°C for cow milk).
  • The lactose content is approximately 10% lower than in cow milk. Goat milk can be a solution for people with a lactose-intolerance.
  • Goat milk contains more vitamin A and D than cow milk.
  • The folic acid content in goat milk is conspicuously lower than that of cow milk.
  • The vitamin B12 content in goat milk is slightly lower than that of cow milk.
  • The potassium, copper and manganese content of goat milk are a little higher than those in cow milk.
  • Goat milk contains a little less zinc than cow milk.


Quality begins with the raw material, fresh goat milk. Dutch goat milk is famous for its superior quality, color and taste. The milk is produced on a large scale, at professional dairy-goat farms. The quality is guaranteed by virtue of the high (authorities’) quality requirements imposed on the products; requirements that are much more stringent than those imposed in other EU countries. Goat milk is subject to strict supervision by the COKZ, the Netherlands controlling authority for milk and milk products.

Within the dairy-goat farming sector a chain-quality system exists, known as ‘Kwaligeit’ (or, in English, Qualigoat). This quality system extends to a number of activities involved in the production of goat milk: milking and storage, cleaning and disinfection, the environment and waste, animal feeding and water, the use of medicines, and the well-being of the animals.

This high-quality goat milk constitutes the basis for our goat milk products. The production process is subject to continual monitoring by the COKZ, who supervise compliance with the dairy legislation of the Netherlands. We also subject all our goat milk products to a comprehensive microbiological and chemical examination, so as to ensure compliance with our internal quality requirements and with the stringent requirements imposed by our customers. By taking precautionary measures during the manufacturing and by extended sampling and analysis after production, we can guarantee that our goat milk products are free of cow milk.

* Everfresh Full Cream Milk Powder - COKZ Certificate:  

Everfresh Full-Cream Goat Milk:

Products Spec. Package Price
Everfresh Full-Cream Goat Milk Powder 1 kg 12Pack/Box 875/Pack
Everfresh Full-Cream Goat Milk Powder 25kg Bag (Call)

Finland - VALIO Milk Powder:

One of the cleanest raw milk in the EU

Valio is owned by Finnish milk producers and is the guardian of the healthy Finnish lifestyle. Valio’s long held core value "creating the best" helps sustain the vitality of cows, the countryside, and consumers – with good tasting healthy products. Valio brings taste to life with world leading technology innovations, expertise, and products made from the EU's cleanest milk. So consumers and customers can be certain of their origin, safety and high quality.

All Valio milk and whey powders are produced from the highest quality raw material – the pure and natural goodness of Finnish milk. Valio has decades of experience in serving the needs of the food industry around the world. All Valio milk and whey powders are fully traceable to origin and subject to Valio’s strict quality controls.

The safety of Valio products is guaranteed by e.g. high quality raw milk, an unbroken cold chain and a reliable internal audit system. All Valio products can be traced back to the farm of origin.

Valio milk production in Finland is GMO free

Valio's milk is of the highest class in the world in terms of quality and cleanliness – and quality agreements with Valio dairy farmers stipulate that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) feed is not to be used in the milk production chain.

Certified environmental responsibility

Valio has committed itself to the acquisition of technology that reduces environmental impacts, using raw materials and energy efficiently, and favouring returnable, re-usable or recyclable packaging, or that suited to energy fraction. Also we are participating in a study to evaluate the effects of farm feeding solutions on methane production in cows.

Valio Milk Powder:

Products Spec. Package Price
Valio Whole Milk Powder 25kg Bag (Call)
Valio Sweet Buttermilk Powder 25kg Bag (Call)
Valio Skimmed Milk Powder 25kg Bag (Call)
Valio DEMI
   •  Valio DEMI 50
25kg Bag (Call)
Valio Hyla - Low Lactose skimmed milk powder
25kg Bag (Call)
Valio Zero Lactose - Lactose free skimmed milk powder
25kg Bag (Call)
Valio Mineval Milk Powder - functional milk ingredient designed to improve stabilityof milk protein in products intended to high heat/long-time treatment
25kg Bag (Call)

France LACTALIS Milk Products

Lactalis Ingredients is a worldwide leader in the dairy ingredients market

Lactalis is a family-owned dairy group based in Laval (Mayenne), in the west of France.

In 1933, André Besnier started up his cheese-making company. On the first day he collected 17 litres of milk and produced 35 camemberts: the Besnier company was in business. Since then, the group, which adopted the more international name of Lactalis in 1999, has continued to expand rapidly.

It's range of products has grown considerably (cheeses, milk, cream, butter, ultra-fresh, milk powder, etc.), as has the reputation of its products. Lactalis now owns a series of prestigious French and international brands.

The group now employs 55,000 people, and owns more than 200 industrial plants around the world, in 35 different countries.

It is the:

  • Number 1 dairy group in the world
  • Number 1 dairy and cheese group in Europe
  • Number 1 milk collector in Europe
  • Number 1 cheese producer in Europe

President is sold in more than 145 countries and represent more than 1.6 billion of euros of turnover and Galbani is sold in more than 100 countries with 1.4 billion of euros of turnover.

In 2012, the Lactalis Group reach a turnover of 15.7 billions of euros.

The marketing of the group's products in the countries of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the French Overseas Départements & Territories is managed by the Lactalis International.

Manufacturing excellent

Accredited experience in hygiene (in the field of export constraints for health reasons):

  • Production units and materials are designed to ensure the strictest hygiene

Our centralised quality service implements:

  • Strict procedures and a constant auditing process for production units
  • Product quality monitoring and laboratory analyses
  • Strict monitoring to ensure there are no pathogenic bacteria present in the milk used to make cheese and raw milk. Analysis on these products is carried out externally
  • The HACCP system has been in place throughout the entire group since long before the European directive on hygiene
  • Certification procedures are highly developed, both in France and abroad

Today Lactalis has:

  • 39 ISO 9001 certified sites
  • 7 ISO 14001 certified sites (Environment)

* The group is in the process of seeking overall certification, as well as ISO 22000 certification.

France LACTALIS Milk Products:

Products Spec. Package Price
Lactalis Whole Milk Powder 25kg Bag (Call)
Lactalis Skimmed Milk Powder 25kg Bag (Call)
Lactalis Sweet Buttermilk Powder
25kg Bag (Call)
actalis Sweet Whey Powder 25kg Bag (Call)
Lactalis Demineralised Sweet Whey Powder 25kg Bag (Call)

France LACTALIS Butter:

Products Spec. Package Price
Lactalis Butter (Unsalted Pure Butter) 25kg Box (Call)

LACTALIS Lactose/Caseinate:

Products Spec. Package Price
Lactalis Edible Lactose 25kg Bag (Call)
Lactalis Sodium Caseinate 25kg Bag (Call)
Lactalis Calsium Caseinate 25kg Bag (Call)

Everfresh Non-Dairy Creamer:

Products Spec. Package Price
Everfresh Non-Dairy Creamer 1 kg 12Pack/Box 175/Pack
Everfresh Customized Non-Dairy Creamer 1 kg 12Pack/Box (Call)
Everfresh Non-Dairy Creamer (Coconut Oil - 35% Fat) Origin: Germany 25kg Bag (Call)
Everfresh Non-Dairy Creamer (Palm Kernet Oil - 32% Fat) Origin: Indonesia 25kg Bag (Call)
Cappuccino Non-Dairy Creamer 25kb Bag (Call)

Everfresh Instant Milk Tea:

Products Spec. Package Price
Everfresh Milk Tea 1 kg 12Pack/Box